Juventus vs Young Boys

Juventus vs Young Boys : Juventus head coach Massimiliano Allegri acknowledges Inter are title rivals in Serie A but believes next week’s Champions League showdown with Young Boys is more important than the Derby d’Italia.

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Juventus and Young Boys sqaure off on the final matchday of the Champions League group stage with the Italian club closing in on first place in the group. Juve has a two-point lead over Manchester United and will likely aim to win the group over providing rest to its most important players. Young Boys are locked into fourth place in the competition and will be done with European competition after this game.

Reigning champions Juve head into Friday’s match already boasting an 11-point advantage over third-placed Inter after 14 games of the season.

Allegri still feels Inter are part of a three-horse title race alongside his own side and Carlo Ancelotti’s Napoli, but understandably believes Juve getting the win they need over the Swiss champions next Wednesday to ensure top spot over Manchester United in Group H will have a greater bearing on their season.

At last, we can talk about something other than how many points Juventus needs to get into the Champions League’s Round of 16.

This time, we get to talk about how many points Juventus needs to make sure they finish atop Champions League Group H and give themselves just that much better of a chance of getting a relatively favorite draw in the Round of 16.

So, kind of the same thing, except with a much better kind of twist to it.

Wednesday night in Switzerland isn’t Juventus’ final European game of the season. Rather, it’s just their final game of the Champions League group stage. And while facing a Young Boys side that Juventus has already beaten 3-0 thanks to Paulo Dybala’s hat trick two months ago, the top spot in Group H is very much up for the taking. The good part is that Juve have the inside track on it and will only lose out on it if they self-destruct on the final day of the group stage — something that will probably have Max Allegri doing more than just ripping his jacket off and throwing it on the ground.

(The Round of 16 draw is next Monday in Nyon, in case you’re wondering or have forgotten.)

That means it’s simple for Juventus. You know, just like it was at home against Manchester United, just like it was at home against Valencia. You get a win and then you’re not having to leave yourself to wonder how Manchester United are doing against Valencia. Juve get a win and the main goal of finishing atop the group, one that Max Allegri made sure to emphasize once again during his pre-match press conference on Tuesday, is there and achieved.

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